Hey Doc, It’s me again, this time I wanted to query with you my honeymoons. My significant other and I were contemplating consummation at the ice hotel and wanted to seek counsel in this matter. To put it simply, will your ice beds be suitable in the art of baby making. Malik

Malik The answer to your question is a simple one, if you can hit what you’re aiming at, and have the Wright equipment with you the answer is yes 90% of the time. One more thing bring an extra blank, and don't fall of the ice. . . Doc Travel

I'm travelling to Italy in September. Do they have wine there? Is It good?

Kyle I can tell by your question that you don't play outside too much...
But even so your question has merit; Italy has some of the finest wines in the world. Their fine wines are not usually produced for export. Most Italian wines carry one of three appellations DOGC, DOC and IGT, rating. They indicate the region or style of production or both, but there is no guarantee of quality - that is down to the individual producer. Such is the confusion that many of the best Italian wines are made under the convenient flag of Table Wines, which was originally meant for simple and unpretentious country wines. It simply allows the producer to make his wines the best way he sees fit, rather than to a rigid recipe.
DOCG: Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita This designation guarantees the authenticity of the elite DOC wines. In 1980, six wines were promoted to DOCG, including Barolo and Barbaresco in Piedmont and Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti Classico in Tuscany. Today, 25 wines have been awarded the prestigious DOCG status. Kyle I could tell u more but I'd have to kill you. :-)
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Doc Travel

Doc Travel
I want to surprise my husband and book one of theses Luxury World Cruises. Do you think I should? Witch one is best, how long should I go? Can I bring all my shoes?
Mary Ann

Mary Ann
I love you, I’ll go ….
It would take a book to answer this one… but I’ll try …
Regent's 2008 World Cruise calls at 51 ports in 26 countries in 115 nights - their most extensive world cruise ever. And since The Regent is almost infinitely customizable, you can experience the world through your own personal lens, exploring the things that interest you most. Not surprisingly, they were ranked the best cruise line in the world by some of the world's most experienced travelers. People like you…
Even those crazy enough to want to bring all their different types of shoes!
Doc Travel

Doc Travel
Should I take my wife to the topped ranked hotel in the world, will I get my monies worth.

Bob topped? OK first of all the "top ranked" also monies? whats that supposed to be money's? Bob if I take my wife to Dennyís, I get my money's worth and Iím sure you will Ö The other thing you can try is to take her to the top ranked small hotel in the world. The answer to the question, name the top ranked hotel in the world, the Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur India Udaipur, in the heart of Rajasthan. It is a city of majestic palaces and beautiful lakes. Here, adorning the banks of Lake Pichola and standing witness to the historic City Palace, The Oberoi Udaivilas captures all the romance and splendor of a royal era. The grand setting combined with palatial architecture and a beautiful spa offers an experience created exclusively for those who know there is nothing like too much luxury.

Got your own question well then