Antarctica one of the coolest places in the world.

Antarctica vacations are guaranteed to take tourists to a world vastly different from the one they left. Antarctica vacations take visitors not only to the massive continent itself, but to many of the southern islands that are geologic offshoots of the ancient breakup of Gondwanaland. Modern Antarctica cruises often have scientists, such as ornithologists and biologists, who give lectures or running commentaries on the natural history of Antarctica. Visitors on Antarctica vacations can appreciate this amazing, prehistoric land. Antarctica tours typically start with a day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Antarctica tours will take you to islands that are home to a fabulous assortment of wildlife -- penguins, seals, sea lions and seabirds. Antarctica travel is a feast for the senses. Antarctica Luxury Expeditions, cover an area of 700,000 square kilometers (270,000 square miles). Antarctica is the second smallest of the seven continents. A couple of other great options are the Alaska Highway cruises offering an RV and cruise package combination with Holland America Lines or Lake Powell Resorts & marinas offering a RV and houseboat combination package. The most common and safest way to travel in Antarctica is on a cruise. The cruises are generally guided by travel experts and guides that keep you cautious and aware of the problems you can face while vacating in Antarctica. An Antarctica cruise aboard "Explorer II" with A&K brings a rare touch of comfortable, informal refinement to polar expedition travel. As the Last Cool Place becomes an adventure-travel magnet, the scientists and bureaucrats who run the show are feeling crowded. Luxury Antarctica Tours = Tours typically range from $400 to $600 per person, per day, plus airfare. Icebergs possibly the most amazing thing about the Antarctic is the color of the icebergs. Ice, in all its alluring hues & textures, radiates a peaceful beauty. October and November are early summer when the pack ice is breaking up and the birds, especially penguins, are courting and mating. If you enjoy learning about a destination as you explore it, escorted Antarctica tours will make a perfect choice. Penguins are one of the highlights of an Antarctica vacation. Take advantage of the long days of southern summer, you will explore the vast colonies of penguins, observe some of the great whales, watch hundreds of seals resting lazy on ice floes, and marvel at the extraordinary variety of shapes, sizes and colors of icebergs. November finds penguins mating and nesting with eggs. In the late summer months of February and March there are terrific whale-watching opportunities and the adult penguins are ashore molting. Other common stops on Antarctica tours include: the Falkland Islands, a remote and beautiful archipelago with a temperate climate, diverse wildlife and friendly people of British descent; King George Island, home to elephant seals; and the South Shetland Islands, where thousands of Chinstrap penguins nest.
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