Fads and fashions come and go ... yet "luxury" is always in style. But how do you define "luxury"? You could say that the concept of "luxury travel" or "traveling well" is more elusive than the money needed to buy it. For many of us, it can mean the serenity and intimacy of a small ship; the exclusivity of an exotic or undiscovered destination. To some, luxury travel can be defined as haute cuisine, high-tech entertainment and upscale shopping experiences. For others of us, luxury travel is defined as far from the madding crowd. Luxury - it's the big suite, the room with a view, the penthouse, the stretch limo. It's time; it's space; it's flexibility. It's the name on the label, or maybe it's simply the spa where they know your name.

If our aspiration is to travel "luxuriously" and to "travel well," what does this mean? Simply defined, it could mean instead of a standard room, we suggest a superior category; instead of superior room - a junior suite. Others may define a luxury travel experience as one with attention to detail and topflight, highly personalized service as top priorities. To many of our clients, luxury travel means to have the opportunity to focus on the experience; to learn, and to become immersed in a new culture. In the 80s and 90s, the emphasis was more on "material consumerism," today travelers want a vacation experience that will fulfill and enrich. This issue, we will explore different options to enhance your upcoming travel experiences - from cruising on the world's best ships to the world's best ports to exploring new destinations. Whether you prefer independent travel or the guidance of an escorted tour, cultural explorations or a spa vacation - we are confident that together we can research, counsel and help you plan a travel experience that will surpass and exceed your every expectation of what "traveling well" really is. We look forward to the challenge and opportunity to share with you all of the magnificent, exciting, innovative ways to experience and enjoy this marvelous world of ours! And yet, when it is all said and done ... the definition of "luxury travel" could probably best be compared to great art: "When you are looking at it ... experiencing it - you know it's the real thing - even if you can't explain it."

I thought you should know. Doc Travel